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Exchange and return policy

Do you have another question about the exchange and return policy that isn’t mentioned down below? Please contact us directly.

Can I return my product?

Returns within 30 days

If you return your product within 30 days you only pay the shipment costs for returning or exchanging your purchase. You will receive the refund 14 days after we have received your product.

Returns 30+ days

Do you want to exchange or return a product after the 30 day period? Please contact our sales team directly so we can look into a solution together.

Received damaged product

Contact us

Did you receive a damaged product upon delivery? In this case, please contact our sales team within 14 days via +31 (0)10 850 4937 or sales@sdmparts.eu

Gross damage packaging

With signs of gross damage to the packaging please return the product to the carrier directly when you believe the product is not usable.